Training for Horseback Riding, 5 Tips for the Complete Beginners

Are you nervous about your first time horseback riding? Well, it is normal, I was too my first time. You are riding something with a mind of its own, but worry no longer, for I will tell you a few tips on how to get a bit more confident when riding. Follow these tips and you will do fine, riding is a fun activity that you will never regret learning.

1.) Get the Trust of the Horse

The dynamic and synchronization you will feel when riding a horse is an amazing experience. But before you can experience this, you must first get the trust of the horse. When approaching, allow the horse to know your presence, approach the horse slowly, make sure that the horse is facing you but avoid direct eye contact.  Allow the horse to smell your hand, and when it allows you to, gently pet the animal. It is important to do this before hoping on it, this will allow you to form an initial bond with each other.

2.) Mounting Properly

Horses are more often than not trained to let people mount them on their left side.  Horses tend to move around when someone is mounting them in order to get a proper balance, so instead of stopping the horse from doing this you should assist it by controlling its direction. Be sure to distribute your weight when mounting; don’t let your weight be on one side, do this by pushing down on the opposite shoulder of the horse from where you are mounting.

3.) Balance

So you got on the horse and got it to move, but you feel that you ant seem to balance, this is usually due to incorrect posture and seating alignment.  An easy guide to know if your posture is correct is by aligning your ears, shoulders, hips and heel.  Straighten your back and position at the stirrup the widest part of your feet. This should correct or at least help with your balance.

4.) How to Stop

This is often where people would get really nervous, it is important to know how to stop. Though often times, beginners will have guides to help them stop. Still you must learn how to do so just in case.

Start with a verbal cue, which would vary depending where in the world you are, but usually it a “whoa”. Gently use your fingers to pull on the reigns by closing them, while at the same time pushing your seat into the saddle.

How Fear Affects Your Riding

Fear has been the biggest obstacle to learning or trying out something new. It is not just about riding. If you come and look back in your life, a lot of times fear stopped you from doing something. Like starting your own business, or asking someone for a date. Personally, I was scared of riding at first.

You will be surprised that young children are fearless. See them climb walls, jump into the water for the very first time, and even ride a horse without any hesitation. They just go straight ahead. I am awestruck with their innocence. They are very trusting.

However, as they grow old, and until they reach adulthood, the fear develops. It is not a bad thing to have fear. That fear kept us alive during the pre-historic ages. However, baseless fears have a way of paralyzing us.

I remember a student from Fresno in one of our riding classes. He was a boy, around eight years old, who got really scared of his horse. The horse was flipping its tail and whinnying as it was swatting flies off his legs. The flies must have moved into our riding area because the guys from Pest Control Fresno – NPM Green Pros were doing their routine pest control operations in one of our stables in the farther side of the field.

The boy was so scared he didn’t want to ride anymore. His mom canceled his classes eventually because the child just didn’t want to try anymore. We were disappointed, but we respect the child’s feelings, and we know that it is not learning if once it started not to be fun anymore. We hope that the child can overcome his fear and be back on the saddles again soon.

The adults are also not exempt with having fears of riding. In fact, most of them exhibit the most fear. It is mostly due to the fear of falling from the horse. We do not discount this concern because they are often true. Not the falling off the horse, but the sense of falling because of the horse. Some horses could be stubborn and harder to ride. In this case, we recommend having that horse replaced. If it is not possible, we recommend for more horse training with a professional trainer. The horse rider should also be an active participant in the horse’s training to allow the rider and the horse to build their relationship.

New To Horseback Riding? You might Need a Chiropractor

A while back at San Antonio, I tried for the very first time horseback riding, a bit unbelievable for my age, but there are actually a lot of people who never get to ride a horse their whole life, with it being not the main source of transportation for the last hundred years. The problem with learning when you are old is that your body just isn’t as adaptable to the situation, your bones and muscles might still be good and relatively strong, but you have to admit that they are actually pretty banged up already. So here is my experience horseback riding and the medical attention that I needed.


Horseback Riding in San Antonio


My trip to San Antonio was one for relaxation, they had everything you would want for a great vacation, good TexMex food, a lot of places to go to, and the thing I loved most about the city was its history. The Alamo made me feel like a little kid again wanting to be one of those horseback riding tough guys who was either defending or attacking, it really didn’t matter to me as the story of the battle itself was something inspiring. Having already shot a revolver a few times in my life, I decided to do something I have never done, and that was, you guessed it, horseback riding.


Old Dog Learning

By no means am I really that old, just a bit on the athletic mid to late thirties side. The guide told me that it’s fine and that there are a lot of people learning how to ride every day, and with that my embarrassment was gone and I happily followed each instructions. It didn’t take long for me to get how to ride, in fact it was like riding a bike, except it had a mind of its own.  After proving that old dogs can learn new tricks I was finally skilled enough to gallop around with the beautiful beast, though not too fast as I was still a newbie. I enjoyed every moment of it, it was very different from learning to ride machines, and I felt one with nature, although nature isn’t as comfortable to ride on compared to manmade transport.


A Bad Back

I had already noticed that riding made my back a bit sore, I was probably sitting wrong or something because I’ve seen people ride for hours and not complaining, but I rode through the uncomfortable feeling.

Drinking Regulations in Utah and Its Relation to the Popularization in Cosmetic surgery

welcome to utah

So I have noticed something in Utah, there are a lot of people who have gotten a lot of cosmetic surgery done. The popularity of mommy makeover procedure in Utah is quite high, the reason for this might be the lack of booze, no not the lack of it, the restriction of getting it! With the lack of alcoholic drinks, beer goggles become rare, which would in turn cause a significant drop in interest to the opposite sex who is not one’s type. To counter this effect it becomes the duty of both sexes to be as attractive as they can, one option that many choose to reach desirable results is cosmetic surgery. In order to see if this hypothesis is true, I continued to observe in a scientific manner.

Okay so it’s not really scientific, and I don’t really believe that the drinking regulation causes and increase in cosmetic surgery. I understand if you would say that my title is click bait, because it is! But now that I got your attention, you should know about the almost ridiculous amount of regulations in Utah when it comes to drinking. It’s quite a shame really, their local breweries actually make pretty decent beers.


Okay so let’s start with the one I find the one I find most odd. You can order two cocktails but can’t make one cocktail a double. Seriously, it is law, if this was meant to make people drink less than this wasn’t very well thought out. If they are allowed to serve me two cocktails, can’t I just have one with twice the alcohol content? I would be more than happy to pay for the same amount as paying for two drinks.

Another thing is restaurants, so some restaurants serve alcohol, but you can’t order alcohol without ordering food. You don’t have to order a lot, in fact you could order the cheapest thing in the menu that could be considered food and everyone in the table can drink. And in some restaurants your drink is mixed behind closed doors, not to be seen. I don’t really have a problem with that though, it’s just strange…

It’s almost impossible to get liquor during Sundays and holidays. The one time of the week you would want to relax and have a drink at home, you’ll have a hard time buying it, either the stores are closed, or open only for half the day.