Briars Forest & River Horse Trek
Paengaroa, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Horse back ride with Briar through a paradise of peaceful  forests, alongside the beautiful Kaituna river and across magnificent farm land.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of life and ride your horse among stunning New Zealand farm and forest with acres of sun dappled trails, deer with fawns and farm animals. 

For many of our guests this is an unforgettable once in a life time horse riding experience.  Our Trek is situated south of Te Puke in the country side at Paengaroa


New Zealand Tourism Guide

Trekking in a New Zealand Paradise.. What you will see, where you will go

horses_hill_130.jpgThe  gorgeous scenery like that made famous in The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit is viewable every day on our farm in New Zealand.  Just have a look through the gallery and you will see what I mean.
We have access to many acres of good riding land, all boasting amazing scenic views, forest trails and a cacophany of birds singing in the trees. We take pride in our journey options which cater for horse riding groups small and large, riders experienced and inexperienced.
We focus on safety as a priority, ensuring that riders are mounted on a horse with a suitable temperament and they given the necessary instruction before leaving so that they are able to ride safely. 
For many guests this will be a once in a life time, horse trek experience. Read more..


Briars_Horse_Treks-197.jpgWhat to expect ...Our beautiful, fat happy healthy New Zealand horses are crossbred and specially chosen for their calm reliable temperaments. The horses live outdoors all year round in the mild weather  of Bay of Plenty New Zealand. Their diet is predominantly grass or hay. They have Clydesdale,Quarter Horse, Appaloosa, Standard Bred, Station Bred, Thoroughbred, and Arab bloodlines.  Some of the horses have been bred by the Maori indigenous people in New Zealand and they take pride in breeding calm natured, strong, good all arounder type horses and ponies for work in the bush pig and deer hunting.  Some of the other horses are Station breds, once again bred for their calm ness and ability to work.

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