Beginner Horse Breeds

If you are a complete beginner, you should know that not all horses are the same. Unlike a bike or car, horses have a mind of its own, and some breeds are a bit harder to handle than others, even for experienced riders. There will come a time where you will be able to handle most breeds, or even maybe taming a wild horse (though I do not recommend that), but for now it would be best for you to choose a breed that is suitable for a beginner, one that has a more obedient nature and are less likely to outsmart a novice rider. So here are some of the best horse breeds for a beginner.

1.) American Quarter Horse 


Best known for their mild mannered nature, these horses are perfect for beginners. They are smart and quick to learn, so they are actually great horses for young beginner riders.

2) Cleveland Bays 


A relatively long-lived horse with a docile nature, this crossbreed is perfect for riders who are still new to riding but would like to also use his mount for a little farm work too.

3) Tennessee walking horse 


This gentle giant is perfect for any beginner with needs for saddle seat, jumping, dressage, saddle seat and endurance.

4) Thoroughbred 


These a great horses with excellent form, good for beginners only when the horse has been trained well and is disciplined. If you choose this particular breed to be your first, I recommend hiring a pro trainer.

In the end though the key to a great horse is connecting with them, you have to take care of them personally, or at least take part in doing so a couple of times a week.