Drinking Regulations in Utah and Its Relation to the Popularization in Cosmetic surgery

welcome to utah

So I have noticed something in Utah, there are a lot of people who have gotten a lot of cosmetic surgery done. The popularity of mommy makeover procedure in Utah is quite high, the reason for this might be the lack of booze, no not the lack of it, the restriction of getting it! With the lack of alcoholic drinks, beer goggles become rare, which would in turn cause a significant drop in interest to the opposite sex who is not one’s type. To counter this effect it becomes the duty of both sexes to be as attractive as they can, one option that many choose to reach desirable results is cosmetic surgery. In order to see if this hypothesis is true, I continued to observe in a scientific manner.

Okay so it’s not really scientific, and I don’t really believe that the drinking regulation causes and increase in cosmetic surgery. I understand if you would say that my title is click bait, because it is! But now that I got your attention, you should know about the almost ridiculous amount of regulations in Utah when it comes to drinking. It’s quite a shame really, their local breweries actually make pretty decent beers.


Okay so let’s start with the one I find the one I find most odd. You can order two cocktails but can’t make one cocktail a double. Seriously, it is law, if this was meant to make people drink less than this wasn’t very well thought out. If they are allowed to serve me two cocktails, can’t I just have one with twice the alcohol content? I would be more than happy to pay for the same amount as paying for two drinks.

Another thing is restaurants, so some restaurants serve alcohol, but you can’t order alcohol without ordering food. You don’t have to order a lot, in fact you could order the cheapest thing in the menu that could be considered food and everyone in the table can drink. And in some restaurants your drink is mixed behind closed doors, not to be seen. I don’t really have a problem with that though, it’s just strange…

It’s almost impossible to get liquor during Sundays and holidays. The one time of the week you would want to relax and have a drink at home, you’ll have a hard time buying it, either the stores are closed, or open only for half the day. Last week I got into a fight and I was bailed out by the trusted San Diego bail bondsmen.

I’m new here so I don’t really know most of the other regulations, but I am seriously tired of 3-2 beer and all the liquor laws that don’t seem to actually deter people from drinking too much. Utah is an amazing place with interesting culture, if the weird liquor laws weren’t present, it would be a far more pleasant place to be.

Then again, it is the culture that I find interesting that allowed these laws to be passed, it seems that in the end, if I want to drink the way I want, I need to do it outside the state.