New To Horseback Riding? You might Need a Chiropractor

A while back at San Antonio, I tried for the very first time horseback riding, a bit unbelievable for my age, but there are actually a lot of people who never get to ride a horse their whole life, with it being not the main source of transportation for the last hundred years. The problem with learning when you are old is that your body just isn’t as adaptable to the situation, your bones and muscles might still be good and relatively strong, but you have to admit that they are actually pretty banged up already. So here is my experience horseback riding and the medical attention that I needed.


Horseback Riding in San Antonio

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My trip to San Antonio was one for relaxation, they had everything you would want for a great vacation, good TexMex food, a lot of places to go to, and the thing I loved most about the city was its history. The Alamo made me feel like a little kid again wanting to be one of those horseback riding tough guys who was either defending or attacking, it really didn’t matter to me as the story of the battle itself was something inspiring. Having already shot a revolver a few times in my life, I decided to do something I have never done, and that was, you guessed it, horseback riding.


Old Dog Learning

By no means am I really that old, just a bit on the athletic mid to late thirties side. The guide told me that it’s fine and that there are a lot of people learning how to ride every day, and with that my embarrassment was gone and I happily followed each instructions. It didn’t take long for me to get how to ride, in fact it was like riding a bike, except it had a mind of its own.  After proving that old dogs can learn new tricks I was finally skilled enough to gallop around with the beautiful beast, though not too fast as I was still a newbie. I enjoyed every moment of it, it was very different from learning to ride machines, and I felt one with nature, although nature isn’t as comfortable to ride on compared to manmade transport.


A Bad Back

I had already noticed that riding made my back a bit sore, I was probably sitting wrong or something because I’ve seen people ride for hours and not complaining, but I rode through the uncomfortable feeling. After the ride, just as I was getting down from the horse, I felt something familiar, something I have felt before playing a game of twister… I threw my back. Luckily enough my friend who lived in San Antonio knew a few people for the job. He and San Antonio chiropractors helped me with my dilemma and allowed me to continue my wonderful vacation with little to no pain.


Summing it up

If you want to try new things that would normally need a strong back, like horse riding, then you should probably have a chiropractor on speed dial.