Preparing Yourself – Training for Horse Riding

So you are thinking of learning how to ride a horse, good for you! It is a very fun activity you’ll never regret learning. I remember my first time riding a horse, I was rather a big fella so I could feel the horse having a hard time adjusting to my weight at first, but she began to get use to me after minute of riding. It was a lot of fun, but I noticed something when I got off, somehow I felt kind of tired. I later learned that you actually have to put a good amount of effort when riding a horse. I didn’t feel it while I was riding because of the adrenaline of doing something for the first time coupled with my excitement. So here are a few things you can do to make things a little easier on you when training for horse riding.

1.) Good Posture

Riding is aerobic task. the better you can hold your posture the more prepared you will be for riding. If possible practice your posture when watching television, using your computer, or anytime you are sitting actually, rather make that anytime you do anything, other than helping you with horseback riding a good posture is important to have.

2.) Crunches

You need to constantly maintain your balance when riding, so it is important to develop your abdominal muscles as this muscle group will be an important part in maintaining your balance.

3.) Exercise Your Thighs

It is essential to do this in order be able to hang on to your horse, if you did not prepare for it your inner thigh  muscles will hurt after riding for a significant amount of time. One way to develop the muscles of your thighs is by using a hip adductor machine in the Gym.

4.) Stirrup Simulation

Okay, I’ll assume you don’t know what a stirrup is, it’s that thing you use when getting on the horse and place your feet while riding. Your calves and foot muscle will need a bit of training in order to get used to riding a horse. You can do this by balancing on the ball of your feet on the edge of a stair. Stretch downward until you feel your calves stretch.  If you don’t get what I mean, ask a trainer in the gym how to do stirrup exercises, it should do.

5.) Try Yoga

Maybe it would have been better if I just told you to do Yoga. It would help with exercising the muscle groups above and then some. Yoga is also good for your posture which, as stated above, is an important part of horseback riding.

These tips are just to help you prepare yourself before starting to learn and riding in general. It is actually important to be fit if you would like to master horseback riding.  Exercise every muscle group, and regularly, at least three times a week.  Horseback riding is a sport, and in every sport you need to be generally fit to be good at it.