Stables Pesticide Treatment Aftermath

A friend’s stables were treated for termite some time ago, and now the place is good to go for the horses, but wait a sec, it looks like we had to prepare a few things to make sure that the horse won’t get any of the residual poison into its body through ingestion. Horses are large creatures, bigger than humans actually, so you wouldn’t have to worry about pesticide residue that much because your horse will need to ingest a lot of that to show any effects. But to be sure I suggest calling the Pest Control Company Reno you hired to ask if there are precautions you could take.

The stables we fumigated had a lot of hay lying around and a small tree with berries next to it, we had to get rid of all the hay and the berries to make sure the horses won’t be able to eat any of the pesticides that were probably sticking to them. If you would like to reduce your cost and waste, I recommend that you remove all food and edible plants and fruits in the area before you get the place treated.

In the end, the horses happily went back to the stables, and no signs of pesticide poisoning are showing as of the moment. Truth be told, I think the precautions the pest control company took enough, but we just don’t take any chances when it comes to the horses.