The Cost of Owning a Horse

While owning a horse is great, you should first consider if you can afford to own one. The better alternative would be to lease, share, or loan a horse if you are unable to keep up with the maintenance of owning one exclusively.

Owning a horse is no walk in the park, and while I could write a long winded article about the whole matter I found a useful infographic regarding the whole thing:


The Alternative

  • Horse Loans. This is much like owning a horse fully but only for a certain period of time, when the loan contract is up, you will have to say goodbye to the horse, along with all the cost associated with it. If you would like to try out the responsibilities of having a horse of your own this would be the best option for you.
  • Horse Leases. You know when you pay a monthly fee for a horse lease? This is the horse version of it, you still have to pay for all the cost of taking care of the horse like horse loans, but you can stop every time the lease is due, depending on your agreement with the person you are leasing from that is.
  • Horse Shares. So this is like the horse version of a timeshare, almost. You can do this by sharing the cost of buying and taking care of a horse with one or more persons who are interested in owning a horse but either can’t afford or do not want to spend for the total cost of ownership by themselves.